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在你的面具之下藏着什么?看看MBTI十六型人格的面具怎么样 (有点不讨喜)


INFP- the mask of that they are fine, all good, above it all when they are silently judging.


INFJ- the mask of nothing has really changed between us, when everything has changed and you are about to be doorslammed.


ENFJ- the mask of I am so caring I could never possibly be accused of being manipulative in any way! Hmmm….


ENFP- the mask of someone being their close friend which is really more their flavor of the week.


INTJ- the mask of I am a reasonable, rational person that is emotionally shielded from all irrational drama around me when inside they are stunned at the idiocy of their fellow humans.


INTP-the mask of I heard every (illogical and stupid) word you said. Really! I just have no comments at this time.


ENTP-the mask of I really DO NOT CARE when inside they are like, don’t hate me because I’m awesome. Right?

ENTP- 我真的不在乎~ 面具之下:他们可能会觉得,别因为我太棒而恨我,难道不是么?

ENTJ-the mask of sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Inside they say, what did I do to deserve this?


ISFJ- the mask of I am over it now, it is fine, and then they don’t speak to you for months.

ISFJ- 会戴上面具:我现在已经结束了(意思是这个事情已经过去了),实际上他们已经几个月不和你说话了。

ISTJ- the mask of I am a boring stick in the mud who stays away from anything too adventurous. Inside it is like, puleezz entice me!

ISTJ- 内心OS:快来引诱、诱惑我!会戴上面具:我是一个泥地里无聊的棍子,会远离任何太冒险的东西。

ESTJ- the mask of I am totally in charge here and know exactly what I am doing so you should totally listen carefully. Inside they are like, why don’t they want to listen to me?

ESTJ- 我在这里完全负责,并且我确切的知道在做什么,所以你们应该仔细的听。 面具之下:他们内心或许哈?为什么他们不听我说话!

ESFJ- the mask of you are totally my bff until you leave the room and they start gossiping about you, out of concern.

ESFJ- 面具之上:你完全是我最好的朋友;面具之下:当你离开这个房间的时候,ESFJ出于关心开始讨论关于你的闲言碎语。

ISTP- the mask of no one can pull anything over on me, man…too smart and cool for that. Inside, what the….this can’t be happening. How did this happen?

ISTP- 面具之上:没有人的面具能把任何东西拉到我身上,伙计……这真是太聪明了,太酷了;面具之下:什么……这不可能发生。这是怎么发生的?

ISFP- the mask of you are a pheasant and your opinion does not matter to me at all because you have no sense of good taste and beauty. But oh, they care alright!

ISFP- 拆面具前:你是一只‘野鸡’,你的观点对我来说一点也不重要,因为你没有品味和美感;拆面具后:但是,哦~,我真的很在乎!

ESTP-the mask of I am sooo independent and free spirited. Inside, I just don’t know what I should do next! What should I do next?

ESTP- 拆面具前:我是如此的独立和自由; 拆面具后:我只是不知道下一步应该怎么做!我接下来应该怎么办?

ESFP- the mask of smiling in your face and then they walk away and the ESFP says…they are soooo annoying, I can’t stand them!

ESFP- 人前面具:微笑,友好,互动; 拆面具后:ESFP说… 他们太烦人了,我快受不了了。 (口嫌体正直的典范:嘴上说不要,身体反应倒是很诚实嘛!)

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